Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beginning of August

Gotta say It's been hella long since I've run this bad in SNG's for this long....almost a two week stretch of just terrible variance in huge spots (fields with less than 15 people left). Started to get to me last Sunday when I decided to play a double set on the weekends; I noticed my play started to wither and was making huge aggro high variance plays as a sorta compensation in pressing to ship. This is never optimal but glad to have recognized it early and make the adjustments right there. Came back Monday with my A game (still shit results but thats ok) and this week have played fairly well and finally shipped a game today for the first time in ages. Hopefully the start of a heater. Can't stress enough how important it is to keep a clear head and remain emotionless when playing (good or bad)....Poker is a very humbling game and will eat you alive the minute you think your better than it or the minute you feel like you'll never win again.

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