Friday, November 25, 2011


Been absolutely forever since I've blogged, but I'm back. Looking to make moves to Canada in January so I can start playing full time again pretty excited about that. Other than that, it has been a pretty boring year. Live is extremely slow and has an incredible amount of volatility which isn't optimal. Counting down the days until I can start grinding on stars again. Legosssss

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hey Guys, IM BACK!! I know it's been forever since I've blogged about poker but a new years resolution of mine is to get back into it more regularly. The new year brings in some high resolutions and expectations. I have started off the year playing mainly MTT's over SNG's. In doing so I hope to become a better overall player as well as increasing the ceiling of $ to be made. SNG's tend to create robotic tendencies and can often hamper one's ability to improve.

On another note, looking forward to the next few months with SNGReasons. Looking to build an entirely new website to help better serve our horses. Well, today is Sunday which holds a big MTT grind session for me till next time GL - MPB

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beginning of August

Gotta say It's been hella long since I've run this bad in SNG's for this long....almost a two week stretch of just terrible variance in huge spots (fields with less than 15 people left). Started to get to me last Sunday when I decided to play a double set on the weekends; I noticed my play started to wither and was making huge aggro high variance plays as a sorta compensation in pressing to ship. This is never optimal but glad to have recognized it early and make the adjustments right there. Came back Monday with my A game (still shit results but thats ok) and this week have played fairly well and finally shipped a game today for the first time in ages. Hopefully the start of a heater. Can't stress enough how important it is to keep a clear head and remain emotionless when playing (good or bad)....Poker is a very humbling game and will eat you alive the minute you think your better than it or the minute you feel like you'll never win again.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back in NY

Whats up guys, just got back to NY last night after spending almost 6 weeks in Vegas. Gotta say it was an overall fantastic experience getting a house with 3 other grinders. Live poker can be very withering being that the variance is so high due to only one tabling a higher buyin. Pretty disappointed with my live results went deep in 4 of the 20 or so tourneys I played with 2 FT's and two FT bubbles. Had a couple of decent online scores though that more than made up for the live struggles. Met some real sickos out there which was cool including Chris "Fox" Wallace one night in a friendly cash game. Glad to be back though in the comforts of my own home, excited to be working with a lot of you this upcoming Monday on 180's :), until than stay hungry on the felt - Matty :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

180 King

Hey guys, just created a new blog for those of you who follow. Just hanging out in Vegas right now donkin' in the occasional live tourney. Happy to announce that I have teamed up with some fellow SNG grinders in creating a coaching forum to help improve players abilities. I posted the link below for those who are interested, until then can always reach me on Skype @ "Mrpaintball20" (ClickinItBack). Until then GL on the felt, SHIP HEAPS!!!!- MPB

About Me

I am a 24 year old professional poker player who resides in New York. Also enjoy working with players of all skill levels to try and help improve there overall game ;)